KUNO Summer Course 2020

KUNO Summer Course 2020
Image from Tony Brelsford via Pixabay (2020)
Have you recently started working in the humanitarian field and are you looking for a solid kick-start? Or are you an experienced humanitarian professional looking for a thorough update? The KUNO Summer Course is there for you.

After the last two year’s successes, KUNO will organize another Summer Course. In this two-day course, humanitarian academics and experienced humanitarian professionals will discuss all relevant aspects of humanitarian work. A mixture of practical knowledge, debates and working sessions, will feed your brain, enhance your efficiency as a humanitarian worker and strengthen your network.

The Summer Course will take place at the Humanity Hub in The Hague – we can meet each other there while taking the Covid-19 related measures into account.

Programme July 8 & 9:

  • Day 1 morning – Working in the Field by Kaz de Jong
  • Day 1 afternoon – Humanitarian Action: History & Trends by Thea Hilhorst
  • Day 2 morning – Different Perspectives: ‘the’ donor & ‘the’ global South by Christine Pirenne
  • Day 2 afternoon – Innovation in the humanitarian sector by Thomas Baar

The full programme can be found here. 


  • Christine Pirenne: Head of Humanitarian Aid, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Kaz de Jong: Mental Health Advisor at Médecins Sans Frontières.
  • Thea Hilhorst: Professor of Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction, Institute of Social Studies.
  • Thomas Baar: Policy Advisor at the Department of Multi-Actor Systems, TU Delft.

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