KUNO's coffee moment

Coffee moment 1

We miss you!

Is there any humanitarian issue that makes you sad or mad? A technical problem that needs a solution and keeps you awake at night? Or do you have the perfect solution for world peace? Share it at KUNOs coffee moment!

The first moment will be on Thursday 20th of January, from 4:00-4:20 pm (online). One of our colleagues will share something and everyone can respond. More information about the first coffee moment will follow.

Also, please mail us the issue you would like to discuss: we might ask you to open up a coffee moment dialogue with us – and we will invite all your colleagues from the KUNO constituency.

P.S. bring your own coffee.

You can drink a coffee with us via this link. 

Dates for the following coffee moments: 17th of Februari, 10th of March, 31st of March, 21 April. Same time, same place!

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