Lessons from 20 years Dutch involvement in Afghanistan

Lessons from 20 years Dutch involvement in Afghanistan
- On invitation only -

For 20 years, different Dutch actors were active in Afghanistan to contribute to security and development: humanitarian NGOs, development organizations, military, police, diplomats, the diaspora and many others. New partnerships were explored, tried-and-true old tools and relationships were ‘used again’, and a new integrated strategy (the 3D approach) was developed.

To draw lessons from the time in Afghanistan for the humanitarian sector – and beyond -, KUNO organized a series of in-depth reflective meetings – each time looking back with stakeholders from one specific sector. KUNO was supported by Niloufar Rahim of the Keihan Foundation and by Jorrit Kamminga, associate fellow at the Clingendael Institute.

About this meeting

During this meeting we want to present and review our preliminary list of lessons learned, best practices and areas for improvement in order to arrive at a final analysis that is as complete and practical as possible. The findings of this conference will be compiled into a final public report to be shared with the KUNO network, other evaluations and other interested parties.

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