The war in Ukraine & (new) humanitarian dilemmas

- On invitation only -

Ukraine & dilemmas for humanitarian NGOs and human rights organisations

How do international NGOs deal with issues around access, neutrality, and the politicization or instrumentalization of aid in the Ukraine war? When to speak out for human and humanitarian rights? And when perhaps not? How to support human values in a dirty war within the borders of ‘the old continent’ itself. How to empower local actors – and not overrule them?


  • Will Turner, Emergency Desk Operational Centre Amsterdam, MSF
  • Kim Gielens, Team Lead Ukraine, Stichting Vluchteling

About this learning session

With a small group of professionals KUNO explored how international humanitarian NGO’s and human rights organisations deal with these dilemmas. The aim of this working session was to learn by sharing good practices and hard learnings, through an open exploration of the dilemmas and their coping strategies.

Read a summary of this learning session here. 

Picture: Unicef 

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