The situation in the Sahel and the implication on humanitarian aid

The humanitarian situation in the Sahel is deteriorating quickly and significantly. People’s needs across the region are now at unprecedented levels, and their vulnerabilities are deepening and increasing due to escalating conflict, rising food insecurity, multiplying climate emergencies and the pandemic. During this webinar we would like to give an update about the situation in the Sahel and the implications of the unsafety and insecurity on humanitarian aid.


Anna Schmauder (Clingendael) – she focuses on governance and political orders in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, armed group dynamics (including jihadist) and the international response to the Sahel crises.

Hamouta Cornier & Franck Vannetelle (Humanitarian Officer & Country Director IRC in Mali) – Hamouta Cornier has, for the last 20 years, worked with several international humanitarian organizations at different levels of responsibility in Mali as well as in some others Sahel countries. For the past two years, he has been the Regional Safety, Security and Access Director of IRC for the Sahel region and Franck Vannetelle has been working in the humanitarian field for the past 20 years and the last 6 years as Country Director IRC in Mali.

Need to read

Update on Mali by ACAPS (last update on 7 Dec. 2021)
Update on Burkina Faso by ACAPS (last update on 5 Jan. 2022)
Update on Niger by ACAPS (last update on 8 Dec. 2021)

Looking back

You can read a report about the session here.

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