Webinar: Covid 19 and the support of remote and vulnerable populations

SC Netherlands
Aisha and her family collect water - Somalia Content trip to Somaliland March 28th till April 8th 2019. With Valerie Kierkels (STC The Netherlands), Martine Bergwerff (STC The Netherlands), Philip Brink (filmer/editor), Marieke van der Velden (photographer) More than 1.5 million people have become internally displaced in Somalia since November 2016 as a result of drought, conflict and flooding. This number is in addition to an existing estimated caseload of 1.1 million people in protracted displacement.
On 17 April we organized a webinar on the support of remote and/or vulnerable groups in the Covid-19 crises, with first-hand experiences from our speakers.

We invited three speakers, that all work with remote and/or vulnerable groups in the Covid-19 crisis. They gave us an overview of existing practices and afterwards be available for questions from the audience.


  • Dr. Holly Ritchie, ISS, Erasmus University: informing Somali refugee women in’Little Mogadishu’, Nairobi (Kenya).
  • Dr. Pratap Kumar, CEO Health-E-Net, practical digital tools for Tele-medical support of remote and marginalized regions (the Coronavirus screening tool & webservice for tele-consultations).
  • Mariken Gaanderse, Upinion, the COVID-19 Monitor for refugee populations.

More information on Health-E-Net can be found here. Two posters with a more detailed explanation can be found here and here.

Dr. Holly Ritchie’s paper ‘Exploring Refugees and ICTs’ can be read here.

More information on the Covid-19 monitor developed by Upinion can be found here.

A short report of this webinar can be read here.

Watch the webinar now! 

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