A fundamental change - climate change and humanitarian action #2

This is the second webinar from a series of KUNO on climate change and humanitarian action. The new reality of climate change requires the humanitarian sector to fundamentally adapt. However, practice shows that it is extremely difficult to move towards a more sustainable mindset and humanitarian practice. So: what is holding us back? And how can we overcome these barriers?


  • Karolina Kalinowska, Policy Officer at DG ECHO, leading on DG ECHO’s approach to reducing the environmental impacts of humanitarian aid.
  • Kathrine Vad, Environment and Climate Change Adviser of the Executive Office of the Director-General, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
  • Roberta Borgognoni, Project Manager of the Environmental Impact Project of the Operational Centre Amsterdam, Médecins Sans Frontières – Holland.
  • Narendra Singh Kachhotiya, Humanitarian Aid International (India).
  • Bruno Jochum, Climate Action Accelerator.
  • Aline Hubert, Groupe URD (France).

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- Photo MSF -