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Series on the decolonisation of aid - Podcasts/webinars

KUNO, Partos, and The Institute of Social Studies (ISS) presented a series of dialogues on the decolonisation of aid. These five dialogues are available as podcasts and webinars.

With the #BLM debates, and other anti-racism protests, the discussion about the decolonisation of aid got an impulse. Blogs, panel discussions (sometimes very heated) and Tweets stumbled over one another. We witnessed many statements and opinions, but perhaps not so much common ground to proceed from.

With KUNO, Partos, and The Institute of Social Studies (ISS) we took one step back and approached the discussion in a series of talks. Step by step, we highlighted an aspect of this debate. We asked two experts to engage in a conversation with one another to explore the controversies and perhaps find some common grounds.

In the series of dialogues we addressed the following perspectives:

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Decolonization of Aid - a conversation