Stichting Vluchteling

Netherlands Refugee Foundation

Over 65 million people worldwide have fled their homes due to war, violence and oppression. Stichting Vluchteling (Netherlands Refugee Foundation) is synonymous with direct aid for victims of acute distress. We relieve the suffering of refugees and displaced persons worldwide, as well as the communities hosting them. We respond to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, providing medical care, nutrition, clean drinking water, sanitary facilities and protection to those in need. The Netherlands Refugee Foundation also provides (emergency) relief in protracted crises.

Sometimes providing emergency aid is simply not enough. That is why we speak up. We bring public attention to neglected humanitarian emergencies, advocate on behalf of the oppressed and displaced. Furthermore, it is our mission to inform and educate the Dutch public about conflict and displacement. We do so by campaigning online and offline and joining public debates.

Since 2015, the Netherlands Refugee Foundation is in partnership with the International Rescue Committee, one of the biggest and most experienced humanitarian aid organizations worldwide. With this partnership the Netherlands Refugee Foundation has better access to crisis areas, information and aid programmes. The work of Stichting Vluchteling is made possible through the support of 155,000 private donors, the National Postcode Lottery and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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