Terre des hommes

Since 1965, Terre des Hommes has been fighting against child exploitation globally.

About Terre des Hommes

As international development and emergency aid organisation, Terre des Hommes is working for a world in which all children have a dignified existence and can grow up to become independent adults. A world in which children are not exploited and can develop in a safe environment. They focus on countering severe violations of children’s rights such as trafficking of children, sexual exploitation of children, child abuse and the worst forms of child labour (ILO Convention 182). In emergency situations, such as in conflict, famine or the aftermath of an earthquake, children are extra vulnerable for the violations of these rights. That is why Terre des Hommes also provides emergency aid.

Terre des Hommes’ work focuses on five pillars: fighting poverty to prevent child exploitation; provisioning protection for children; providing legal aid to prosecute child exploiters; conducting campaigns to increase public awareness; and cooperating with various parties that are also fighting against child exploitation.


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