Curious about the (humanitarian) situation in Afghanistan?

The reality in Afghanistan 2
Ask Benoit de Gryse your pressing questions - fresh back from Afghanistan
Western countries turned their back to Afghanistan, where the Taliban is currently the official government. Humanitarian organizations are trying to scale up their activities, but with the economic crisis causing more and more needs, it is an uphill battle to address the massive humanitarian needs, especially when structural aid is largely being withheld. Benoit de Gryse – head of programs and policy with Stichting Vluchteling, visited Afghanistan two weeks ago to see the situation on the ground. He spoke with several humanitarian organizations beneficiaries and leaders, and tried to find out what is really going on.

On Tuesday the 22st of February he will be available to listen to all your questions and where possible he will give answers and share his stories.

Last week we conducted an interview with him about the time that he spend there. You can read it here.

The reality in Afghanistan 3

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