Debrief Climate Summit Sharm-el-Sheikh - climate change and humanitarian action #3

During this webinar, KUNO organized a debrief of the Climate Change Conference (COP) on climate in Sharm-el-Sheikh (November). Of course, we know what the conference brought, and most of us are disappointed. What contributed to the disappointing results and were there perhaps some bright spots?

The main topics we asked all panelists to reflect on were:
1. Taking stock of the summit: biggest achievement & biggest disappointment.
2. Hopefully some stories from behind the scenes: which interventions did you witness (or did you participate in) & did they make a difference? Why?
3. Finally: What are relevant next steps for humanitarian/development NGOs?


  • prof. Maarten van Aalst, Director of the international Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, professor Climate and Disaster Resilience at University of Twente, and Coordinating Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Working Group II ch16 (“key risks”).
  • Ilda Cerveja, Youth Climate Action Coalition & Youth ambassador Mozambique
  • Douglas Otieno, Tinada Youth Organization

About this series

Climate hazards – from extreme heat waves and wildfires, to floods, droughts, and storms – are happening everywhere with an increasing frequency and intensity. Moreover, climate change is a major driver for conflict and migration. Climate change thus affects the security and livelihoods of those in already fragile contexts in many ways. Humanitarian NGOs acknowledge that climate change has a huge impact on humanitarian action. However, for many NGOs, adapting their practices to this changing reality while at the same time diminishing their own ecological footprint is a challenge. Nevertheless, the urgent challenges climate change brings, will have consequences for humanitarian practice; consequences for what we do and how we organize our work.

The webinar will be the third session in the series on climate change and humanitarian action. Click here for more information on the series and to find out more about the other sessions.

Short video of the event - interview with Maarten van Aalst

Full video of the event

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