About me

I am a senior lecturer-researcher at International Development Studies at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, and coordinate the major Disaster Risk Management. As lecturer-researcher I am involved in interactive research addressing persistent challenges like climate change, increase of disasters, environmental degradation and conflict, together with affected populations to reach resilient societies both internationally as well as in the Netherlands. We currently renew our curriculum to develop students’ competences to contribute to societal transitions in real-time settings.

For my PhD, I facilitated an interactive research and programme implementation with Oxfam-Novib, ICCO, KerkinActie and their partners in Afghanistan, Indonesia and the Philippines who piloted community-based disaster risk reduction in areas affected by both disasters and conflict to enhance community resilience.

Research and consultancy experience in facilitating greater government – civil society collaboration and partnerships in the field of disaster risk reduction and conflict prevention, looking beyond the binary of top-down and bottom-up approaches.

25 years of working as consultant/researcher in the field of humanitarian assistance in disaster and conflict affected areas in Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Thailand).


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