"Accountability is not only for the justice of people but also for the justice of nature."

About me

The professional is personal. That’s what represents me best as an academic. The combination of fieldwork, writing, and filming are my personal blend of doing anthropology. My regional interests and experiences are definitely Latin America. In total I lived for more than 10 years in Venezuela and Argentina. I am co-founder of the cultural platform DoKumento and editor of the Dutch anthropological journal Etnofoor.

My teaching experiences range from ethnographic methods, violence and trauma, multimedia,film and creative writing, and introductory courses in Cultural Anthropology and Latin America and the Caribbean.

In 2006, I received a Bachelor degree in Language and Culture Studies, with a specialization in Latin American Culture at Utrecht University. My Master degree (2007) in Latin American and Caribbean Studies is also from Utrecht University . In 2016, I  received my Doctoral degree in Cultural Anthropoly at Utrecht University for ethnographic research on trials for crimes against humanity in Argentina.

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