"Be the change you want to see." –Jaap Vuijk

About me

I worked for over 12 years in the response, risk reduction and development sector. I conducted research in India regarding DRR in and urban flooding in Gujarat State. After this I worked for several years in Afghanistan on DRR and response projects on Food Security and Livelihoods and WASH. I was country representative for an INGO in Iraq where he led the humanitarian program of Dorcas aimed at IDP’s and refugees during the ISIS crises. These programs consisted of cash assistance,  shelter and non-food items, WASH and Protection. I also worked for an agricultural company in Wageningen managing the international soil analysis project in Germany, China, New Zealand and other locations.

For Help a Child, I have been a disaster response advisor and coordinated large institutionally funded Food Security, WASH, Protection, Value chains and Mental Health & Psychosocial Care programs in South Sudan. I enjoy high quality programming though thorough assessments, outcome mapping and creating Theories of Change to create as much impact as possible. I have an extensive networks with INGO’s LNGO’s in various countries, knowledge/educational institutes, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Relief Alliance and European Networks in Development, DRR and humanitarian responses.

I am a strong proponent of innovation with the goal of achieving more impact for more people in new and smarter ways. One of my slogans is: never hesitate to innovate! Regarding innovation, I am also a researcher on the use of drones in DRR and humanitarian responses. My educational background is in aeronautical engineering and later Wageningen University where I studied International Development with a specialisation in Disaster Studies.  

I am now using my passion and experience in education and research in disaster risk management at Van Hall Larenstein University working on the Triple Nexus and climate-migration-conflict dynamics.


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