"Our lives begin to come to an end the day we are silent about the most important things" - – Martin Lurther King Jr.

About me

Martine is leading the humanitarian team of Save the Children Netherlands. Her aim is to further build up the humanitarian structure and portfolio of SC Netherlands and further improve the work of Save the Children and its local partners in the field. Martine is focused on close collaborating with other organization’s in the Netherlands and internationally, as she strongly feels that working together is key to reach the most sustainable impact. Working with local and national partners is an important aspect of the current and future state of humanitarian aid, in the eyes of Martine.

Secondly, as international focal point for Save the Children on Humanitarian Innovation, Martine is trying to further invest in and prepare the global organization for more structural inclusion of innovation in the humanitarian objectives and activities of the organization. Lastly, Martine is actively participating in partnerships like KUNO, SHO/GIRO 555, Dutch Coalition Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI), Response Innovation Lab (RIL) and the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA). The latter she has been involved in since the start up in 2014/2015.

Martine has been working for Save the Children for more than 7 years. Martine has studied Public International Law at the University of Leiden. In her masters she followed a specialisation on Humanitarian Law. In the last years, Martine has continued to invest in her own personal development, by following the Leergang ‘Persoonlijk Leiderschap in het Publieke Domein’ in 2019 and she just finalized the graduate course ‘Humanitarian Leadership Programme” at Deakin University (Melbourne). In September 2021 she will also complete the NCOI training on ‘Efficiënt Projectmanagement for NGO Leaders’.

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