In 2021, KUNO will focus on localization, the nexus and the future of humanitarian aid. Cross-cutting topics in all three themes are Data and Innovation.

Current themes

Local leadership

Humanitarian aid needs to be as local as possible and as international as necessary. How can Dutch INGOs shift their power to local actors?


A better link between humanitarian action and development work is needed, especially since crises are getting more complex and last longer.


In a time of rapid and global change, the role of Dutch humanitarian organisations is changing fundamentally. Dutch NGOs need to rethink themselves.

Data and Innovation

These are cross-cutting topics elementary to Kuno’s focus themes.
What makes innovations in Humanitarian aid successful?
How are innovations adopted?
And what role does data have to play for programming and analysis?

More themes

Diversity & Inclusion

Under the theme 'Diversity & Inclusion' KUNO supports the humanitarian sector in its search to become a more inclusive and diverse community.


The COVID-19 crisis has direct consequences for humanitarian work. Current responses need to adapt and NGOs have to prepare for possible COVID outbreaks in humanitarian settings. KUNO facilitates reflective discussion on these long-lasting impacts by hosting webinars and podcasts with humanitarian thinkers and practitioners.

The Grand Bargain

Improving humanitarian work in daily practice: the Grand Bargain between major donors and aid providers aims to get more means into the hands of people in need


What is the impact of an ever-polarizing world on humanitarian aid? And how can a humanitarian professional avoid to become an instrument of a political agenda?

Sexual abuse

This dossier aims to bring together existing knowledge about PSEA within the aid sector.