Diversity & Inclusion

‘Diversity and Inclusion’ focuses on unequal power imbalances closer to home, at least from the perspective of Dutch humanitarian organizations. With the #BLM debates, and other anti-racism protests, attention for a diverse staff and an inclusive work sphere in the Netherlands got an impulse – also among humanitarian professionals.

KUNO activities under the theme ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ support the humanitarian sector in its search to become a more inclusive and diverse community. This includes topics as broad as ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, language, religion, people with physical disabilities and more – all coming down to fair and equal treatment for all. It addresses organizational issues related to Human Resources or governance, internal and external communications or even institutional policies.

A main activity in 2021 is the ‘D&I Road Trip‘ for officers of KUNO-members. The road trip is a search for good practices, courageous steps, possible answers to challenging questions, and hopefully many useful tools to strengthen diversity and inclusion in the humanitarian sector. Another important activity aligned to the theme ‘Diversity & Inclusion’, but also to The Future of Aid and Localization is series of dialogues on the decolonization of aid which KUNO organizes with Partos and the International Institute of Social Studies.

Under this section you can find a growing list with relevant literature, studies, reports, and good practices. Please feel free to share with us any interesting documents by sending an e-mail to kuno@kuno-platform.nl.

  • Analysis

    Different Types of Privilege, Including White Privilege - Explained

    + -

    Wit Huiswerk

    + -
  • Guidelines and toolkits

    CARE workshop guide: race, power & privilege

    + -
    Authors/organization: CARE / The innovation
    Date: 2020

    Genderneutraal werven

    + -
    Authors/organization: Direction Europe BV

    Handreiking diversiteit

    + -
    Authors/organization: Kennisplatform Integratie & Samenleving: Hans Bellaart, Sven Oostrik, Inge Razenberg
    Date: 2016
  • Numbers

    Racism in the aid sector: Initial findings 2020

    + -
    Authors/organization: Thomson Reuters Foundation & Aid Works
    Date: 2020